ready made website for hotels and travel agencies
ready made website for hotels and travel agencies ready made website for hotels and travel agencies ready made website for hotels and travel agencies ready made website for hotels and travel agencies ready made website for hotels and travel agencies ready made website for hotels and travel agencies

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Ready-made travel website for tourist and hotel business.
The price includes the best European hosting - Hetzner.
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ready made hotel website

Ready-made professional website with a reservation system
connected to booking engines for hotels and travel agencies.

A modern website solution with a system of booking tours, hotels, apartments.

The perfect website solution for owners of tourist and hotel business. The Professional Hotel Booking System - opportunities for effective cooperation for:
Tour operators - Cooperation with hotels in the place of arrival of tourists.
Hotels - great possibility to plan your own tourist routes with reservation on the website.
The booking engine system provides a connection to 70 booking channels -, Agoda, Tripadvisor, Expedia, Orbitz etc.



Booking engine system for hotels and travel agencies websites.

Professional booking system on your website.

Technical specifications of Booking engine.

A ready made website includes:

  • A possibility booking in various hotels.
  • Selection and reservation of excursions on the website.
  • The control of a hotel reviews.
  • Connection with a booking channels.
  • Responsive web design of a hotel website.
  • Modern programming language - HTML5 | CSS3.
  • The validity of the source code - important for SEO.
  • Newsletter for tourist purposes.

Filling out web pages from FABER VISUM.

If you do not have the time to add content to your website, you can assign it to professionals of the FABER VISUM. In this case, PR-studio FABER VISUM guarantees the edition of the website including SEO optimization, redesign of pages, advertising promotion of your tourist business.

If you decide to hire FABER VISUM, the price for editing the website will depend on the amount of materials. One language version is approximately 1000 US dollars. For your misery, the materials on the site can be edited in the WYSIWYG editor - as in Word.

Ready-made, professional website solution for hotels or travel agencies with the possibility of booking on the website от FABER VISUM guarantees a great result in the touristic business, comfort for potential hotel guests.

ready-made professional website

Financial benefit of booking systems on a web page.

For a tourist or hotel website, it is very important to have own reservation system. Most travelers, even if they find a destination for booking, will check the availability of the service provider's website. With the internal booking reservation system on the website and a small discount on services, the reservation takes place on the owner's website and commissioned booking is not paid to the external portals.


The modern website of the hotel or tourist destination, guarantees the marketing growth in the tourism segment, the opportunity to expand the offer.

alternative solution of the hotel website

Alternative solution of the hotel website.

What do you get after buying a hotel website?

1. A professional "As Is" website - adaptive design | content management system | valid HTML5 code.
2. No extra charge for installing the website - it's already implemented on our hosting, and is fully functional.
3. Within 24 hours of confirming your payment for the hosting you will receive a username and a password for your website administration panel via e-mail, and editing can begin.

Start using the website:

1. Payment for the webhosting (pressing the ADD TO CART button will confirm payment for a year) and writing down your domain name in the comments section *.
2. Configuring the DNS domain name to translate to our server:
Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:
Nameserver 3:
3. Adding your content to the ready-made website using administration of the CMS.
alternative solution of the touristic website

Alternative solution of the touristic website.