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Marketing promotion, 14 years of experience, branches in 7 countries branches

Design studio was established in the Czech Republic in 2007, and in 2013 it became the founder of the international line of visual solutions FABER VISUM with affiliates in other countries. In our branch offices in Canada, Israel, Russia, Poland, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, we are thinking about the effectiveness of our visual projects and their constant improvement.

It's not a coincidence that the basis for our philosophy at FABER VISUM lies in our slogan "Effective Perfectionism".

Let's leave the banal slogans "X reasons why with us" for proven losers.
You - want to make money and dominate the competition.
We - can arrange your advertising dominance with the help of modern technologies and an effective, educated, international team.

In the FABER VISUM portfolio, you will find dozens of successfully implemented projects, effective branding for
Airon s.r.o.
Power Machinery, Rübezahl, Meet Point Travel, Works for
Fed Cup
Fed Cup
and even for

pr studio team

People who successfully lead our teams and who will live for your PR marketing.

They are the ones who are the greatest value of our company and a guarantee of your success.

Dmitri Baraz

Brandmaker, IT, copywriter, creative development

Dmitri Baraz combines rich experience in computer technology and creative craft. He create high-quality, original and inspiring advertising campaigns that can transform ordinary customers into true fans of the brand. Graduate of Tel Aviv University of Computer Technology, director of the Israeli branch of FABER VISUM.

- PR studio FABER VISUM.


Directing, animation, motion design.

Nicolás García — Animator, Motion Designer. Diploma in animation, interactive technology, graphics and special VFX effects. Graduate of the Militar University of Granada, Nacional de Colombia.

- PR studio FABER VISUM.


Art Director - art, vision, visualization.

Our company has the honor to cooperate with and to represent one of the most talented artists of our time. Believe me, the half-century history of the artist's formation is much more than modern marketing tricks. We present the author's article, his biography and the opportunity to acquire unique works of art. - «Half a century with a brush in his hand»

- PR studio FABER VISUM.

video postprodukce

Video postproduction and editing.

The video cut is like a jigsaw puzzle and I put all those little pieces together and make a story out of them. I throw away unnecessary pieces and arrange the important ones so that the plot flows pleasantly and draws the viewer in. It's exciting and fun to come up with everything so that it fits together perfectly. Give me a story and I'll tell you. I studied graphic design but soon it started to draw me to video. I focus on editing and post-production, and here at Faber Visum I am in charge of the project Video in 48 hours.

- Barbora M.


CEO & Founder - Design, programming, visionary.

FABER VISUM means lat. - forming vision.
I am here to connect things together, to see and observe the world without prejudice.
I create a different world around me, I try to motivate people to find their own way.



Advertising and sales.

We believe that children like no other are able to bring an advertising idea easily. Renata has been working in the advertising field FABER VISUM for 10 years for such brands as Ekonomické Stavby! Talented, creative, intelligent and beautiful. FABER VISUM's investment in Renata's range of talents has paid off - at the age of 19, she is building passive income in the GROWING WEB SITE project.

- PR studio FABER VISUM.

coder Gabriel

- FABER VISUM analyst and coder. Czechia, Balkans.

Gabriel analyst and coder in the Balkan segment of FABER VISUM. Logic, the precise development of marketing strategies in the Balkans, the ability to clearly explain the required information to FABER VISUM clients, the talent to listen - Gabriele's competence. Fluency in several foreign languages. Development of the - Rent Without Borders in the Czech Republic and the Balkans.

- PR studio FABER VISUM.

Marketing Israel.

Management of social networks. Middle Eastern marketing.

Marketing promotion on social networks is an important element in brand building. It's no secret that integrating websites into social networks is one of the conditions for successful SEO. Lilian is responsible for monitoring, analyzing the results. Communication with the Israeli branch of FABER VISUM is also within shes competence.

- PR studio FABER VISUM.


FABER VISUM branch in St. Petersburg.

Sergei Bystrov - Attentive to details, open to experimentation. In FABER VISUM since 2013.

- PR studio FABER VISUM.


Visual marketing FABER VISUM in Czech Republic.

Marek believes that the key to success in business is hard work and enthusiasm. Its goal is to find the optimal solution that will be affordable for you. Improve your online presentation and take it to the next level.

- PR studio FABER VISUM.


Webdesign, programming. Poland, Warsaw.

Mikalai - marketing management, communication with the client, providing the required information. Specialization - SEO, promotion and administration of websites, creating creative names for the future company, including the availability of free domains for registration.

- PR studio FABER VISUM.


Director of the Russian branch FABER VISUM in Moscow.

Olga. It combines management experience with creativity and love of thought. Diplomatic, ambitious, responsible. Education - Moscow University of Economics, Project Management College.

- PR studio FABER VISUM.

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