advertising campaign

Creation of an advertising campaign with an SEO microsite.

Creation of an advertising campaign with an SEO microsite on an international business portal is a quality alternative to a website or effective promotion for website owners who are looking for additional promotion using backlinks and alternative language versions.

As part of creating an advertising campaign on ENTAXY.BIZ, we offer:

  • Creation of a corporate profile - microsite on ENTAXY.BIZ
  • Subpages of the corporate profile with your offer.
  • Posting to direct selling account with your contact.
  • Advertising campaign in three language versions.
  • Location of the advertising campaign object on the map.
  • Creating an advertising campaign with SEO in mind.

Content and cost of the advertising campaign.

Start your advertising campaign with one of the ENTAXY tariffs with a 10% discount:

10 USD per month | saving - 60%
60 USD
Advertising campaign duration - 6 month
Direct sales account.
Object on the map.
Advertising graphics - 3 photos.
Backlinks to the source - 3x
8 USD per month | saving - 80%
96 USD
Advertising campaign duration - 1 year
Direct sales account.
Object on the map.
Advertising graphics - 4 photos.
Backlinks to the source - 4x
Advertising portal ENTAXY
6 USD per month | saving - 100%
144 USD
Advertising campaign duration - 2 years
Company account, microsite.
Object on the map.
Advertising graphics - 5 photos.
Backlinks to the source - 5x

Advertising campaign placement on

  • If you don't have a website, placing an ad campaign on ENTAXY.BIZ is a quick solution to create an SEO optimized microsite on a visited international business portal. An alternative to creating web pages.
  • For the owners of their own websites, placing an advertising campaign on the ENTAXY.BIZ business portal is an additional promotion in the European Union and the world. Backlinks to the company's website increase search results. Placing an advertising campaign on ENTAXY.BIZ is also an opportunity for cooperation and acquisition of business partners abroad due to language versions.
  • The modern technical solution of the portal of advertising campaigns provides the ability to search for multilingual SEO-optimized advertising, SEF aliases, the inclusion of alternative links in the sitemap, fast indexing in search engines.

Targeting advertising campaigns.

Advertising campaign placement:

  • Advertising campaign for the sale of a business - firms for sale.
  • Business rental advertising campaign.
  • Advertising campaign in the field of Internet business.
  • Advertising campaign for services with location.
  • Advertising campaign in the field of cooperation.
  • Advertising campaign to attract and find investors.


Where to order an advertising campaign?

To launch your advertising campaign, we need to find out its subject matter and receive data from you. Fill out the advertising form on ENTAXY.BIZ or send us the details by e-mail. Contact

How do I pay for an advertising campaign?

After choosing the tariff for the advertising campaign, click the «Add to Cart» button and go to the checkout to place an order. With us you will pay 10% less than when paying on ENTAXY.BIZ


Order an advertising campaign.

Contractual advertising campaign services.

  • Creation of a video clip for an advertising campaign.
  • Unique URL for the ad campaign microsite.
  • Building backlinks on partner sites.
  • Creation of advertising graphics, animated banners.
Price: (USD) 60
Variant price modifier:
Base price with tax:
Salesprice with discount:
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