Webdesign portfolio 2010 - 2011

Only the one who is not ashamed of his work in the past, can guarantee the quality in the future.


Web design portfolio 2010 - 2011, is the web sites of XHTML. With Web sites, like a mobile phone - someone buys a new smartphone, but someone enough to call the old. XHTML times in FABER VISUM are ended in 2011, leaving behind a retro portfolio of INTERSAT webdesign studio.
Below are a few XHTML web pages. Simply open using iframe script.   Or, in the gallery

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Portfolio 2012 - HTML5 web design

Portfolio webdesign - XHTML 2010-2011
Portfolio webdesign - XHTML 2010-2011 Reference webdesign-www.czechhaus.cz Reference webdesign-starmodels21 Reference webdesign-fillmoreslim1 Reference webdesign-fillmoreslim2 webdesign-cykloportal na prodej webdesign-cykloportal na prodej4 webdesign-cykloportal na prodej5  Reference webdesign-modelmakers1 Reference webdesign-besteplzen Stránka a luxusní domény na prodej Reference Webdesign-detska ordinace Moderní web na prodej - foto 2 Fitness web na prodej Reference webdesign - Adifit s.r.o. Web na prodej - foto

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