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Professional Graphic Design, Brand Logo Creation.

Company logo, product logo, project logo, annual logo, presentation of the logo in the form of a video.

Creating successful graphics consists of at least three parts: academic painter, marketing expert, graphic software expert.
This is necessary: mind, time and money. Otherwise it's just a cheap drawings.


Professional company logo.

  • Professional company logo is an integral part of visual marketing, company or product promotion. The professional studio does not offer you twenty designs of "nice pictures", but will create only a few modifications of one logo, which will form a subconscious about the brand (image-building).
  • A common mistake in the development of a company logo is the criterion of artistic appeal. These are usually unsuccessful. A company logo must remain in mind, flat simple, unique, legible, indicate the philosophy of the company.

Creative logo - in simplicity is the power.

Finding the right hook for short-term memory when creating a logo would flow smoothly into the long-term - is a real art. The human brain likes to absorb things simple, it forms associations, it turns on instincts. In FABER VISUM logos are formed with respect to psychology, visual color perception, symbolism. All obvious with regard to .. do you mean the company's activities? Not at all. The logo must be flat - nice, simple and easy to remember. Getting the logo into the subconscious - is the right task for professionals in the field of visual marketing. In FABER VISUM, the logo consists of an artist work, a psychologist and, at the end a graphic designer only converts the file to the correct digital form.

Bitmap image in .jpg format - file size 2,460 bytes.
Website logos in bitmap .jpg format - nowadays are looks unprofessional.
Bitmap image in .png format - file size 1 533 bytes.
Graphic elements in .png format - lossless compression with transparency support.
Scriptable rendering - code size 529 bytes.
A canvas is a rectangle in which you can draw web graphics via JavaScript.
SVG - open vector format - code size 344 bytes.
Possibility to freely reduce and enlarge the image without losing visual quality.

An example of a successful logo in visual marketing.

One day a young man from Prague came to FABER VISUM and said: "We have been researching your references for several days and I would like to make our clinic the" king of plastic surgery ". The competition in the field is huge." The result of the cooperation was a comprehensive visual marketing, including, of course, the Glamor Aesthetic Clinic logo. The Glamor Aesthetic Clinic earned 1 million USD during the year and the owner went on a long beautiful holiday. Below is a presentation of the company logo.
logo in the form of a video

Price for processing a professional logo.

The price for processing a professional logo starts from 250 USD.
Advance payment in FABER VISUM is a matter of course. Only serious negotiations.

graphic design

Order professional logo design.

How to order a professional logo.

Representatives of several professions are involved in the development of a professional company logo or graphic design. When creating a professional logo, we charge a minimum payment - 5 hours of work. Before starting work, our graphic design department will contact you for details.

Price: (USD) 250
Variant price modifier:

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