Creation, advertising promotion and maintenance of websites - FABER WEB.

The creation and subsequent promotion of websites within the FABER WEB project is always maximally focused on 100% efficiency, analysis of the market environment, research of target groups, including constant advertising promotion and cooperation of the entire international FABER VISUM team.


FABER WEB project - content:

  • ++ Thoughtful luxury website design.
  • ++ Stylish fine-tuned graphics on the website - canvas, css3, svg.
  • ++ Development or redesign of the company logo.
  • ++ Catalog, e-shop or reservation system on the website.
  • ++ Creation of advertising promo videos for websites.
  • ++ Promotional printed matter (leaflets, brochures, catalogs).
  • ++ Fine-tuning corporate business cards for website design.
  • ++ Complete unification of corporate style.
  • ++ Structured Data Integration (Google Rich Snippets).
  • ++ Advertising campaigns on social networks and their integration.
  • ++ Outdoor advertising campaigns.
  • ++ Comprehensive technical and marketing support of the website.
  • ++ SEO position guarantee.
  • ++ Filling of content at a discount 25% - 40 USD per hour.
  • Includes The «Growing website» and «GOOGLE TOP» projects
  • Informative price: from 5000 USD.
  • Implementation term: ~ 15 days.

Choice of web design concept.

How to proceed with the FABER WEB project?

  • Choose a website design concept that will be close to your business in the category WEB-SHOP.
  • For the selected web design concept, pay an annual fee for web hosting - the website must have a placement.
  • Our PR manager will contact you with a question about the date of online meeting.

The process of creating a corporate identity.

What happens after paying for web hosting for a selected project?

  • Together we will develop the structure of the website, text materials, define keywords and sentences according to which you want to get a position in search engines.
  • We will create a comprehensive corporate identity for your company - Branding
  • Filling the company's website with a guaranteed leading position of search engines.
  • After the completion of the project, we share access to the web administration.

Website maintenance.

Monthly fee - permanent care for corporate advertising marketing.

We offer the opportunity of permanent website maintenance and corporate marketing. Marketing promotion, the PR corporate style of your business or personality, is especially important in the beginning. You can view a short reference to the successful website promotion and PR campaigns, which have earned almost a million dollars for the customer, here.

Advertising promotion of the project.

Calculation of maintenance costs of corporate marketing.

Based on the experience from advertising campaigns, it can be said that the price and time spent on the promotion of one business project develops according to a declining trend and ends with the achieved goals called "Brand".
Send us a meeting request regarding the maintenance of corporate marketing and the provision of services for the promotion of advertising websites. Contact

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