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eshop website eshop website eshop website

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You only pay a yearly fee (84 $) for Europe's finest webhosting services.
An advanced, professional website – we'll give you FREE.

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A complete professional E-SHOP website, with server side installation free of charge!

A high quality, professional web-design solution for free.

Here at FABER VISUM you won't have to pay for a professional website.

Payment only for the hosting services

So what's in it for you?

1. A professional "As Is" website – adaptive design | Joomla 3.4 content management system | valid HTML5 code
2. No extra charge for installing the website - it's already implemented on our hosting, and is fully functional!
3. Within 24 hours of confirming your payment for the hosting you will receive a username and a password for your website administration panel via e-mail, and editing can begin.

To summarize, the simple steps to begin using your website are as follows:

1. Payment for the webhosting (pressing the ADD TO CART button will confirm payment for a year) and writing down your domain name in the comments section. 2. Configuring the DNS domain name to translate to our server.
Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:
Nameserver 3:
3. Adding your content to the website using the CMS.