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Professional Web Design - 8 steps of professional website creation.

How to create a professional website? Development of a website with a corporate design studio.

Professional website - it's like a window with a storyteller. The website starts a story about your product, service or about your business. Do you like beautiful storytellers? Welcome to professional web design.

- Web design studio FABER VISUM.

1. Professional web design - basic points of web creation:

  • Source code purity - valid according to W3C standard.
  • Modern graphic design of a website.
  • Website usability.
  • Modern programming language.
  • Responsive web design on mobile devices.
  • Technical SEO optimization of the website.

2. A few examples of proposed web presentations:

  • CMS - you can add, remove and edit the content using administration.
  • Landing Page - one page websites and contact form only.
  • A catalog of products / services or an online store.
  • Website with reservation system, booking engine.
  • Modern vector or animated CSS graphics on the website.
  • Internet forum or social network on a website.
  • Multi-language websites with the correct sitemap file configuration.
  • Website design, including SEO optimization.

3. Nothing unnecessary - graphics for a website.

The simplicity, balance and the style of your website, are the first things to make an impression on a subconscious level. Those are the main elements which will settle in the visitors' memory and affect their further behavior.
While building a website for our clients, we follow the most recent trends in the field of web psychology, consider a vast array of ergonomic facts, the preferences of the target audience and much more. The graphic web design by FABER VISUM creates a strong feeling of "there is nothing unnecessary" which often decides whether your client will chose your business, or a competitor who is one click ahead.

4. WIREFRAME and Responsive website technologies.

  • A website's wireframe, also known as a page schematic — is the basic skeleton for your web design. It is a detailed template of how the web-page will look and where the information will be displayed.
  • We however, start building a website with the graphic design, and not with this wireframe concept. Why? Because in our CMS systems, the structural schemes are already predetermined.
  • This means that each module of your website can be repositioned anywhere on the page in a matter of seconds.

A flexible wireframe is the newest gimmick of today's web design. The merit of the smartphones and other portable devices - responsive websites. Simply speaking, a responsive website will not utilize horizontal scrolling. The website fluently adapts to your device's specifications such as display width. If you are interested in technical details of RWD, you will find many articles on the Internet about different features of this methodology such as CSS3 Media Queries technology. Our job is to offer practical solutions and advanced programming techniques. Needless to say, RWD is one of them.

5. Signing a web site development contract.

There are many designers that will offer various websites for various prices. You can have a business website created for a few hundred dollars or for tens of thousands. Many customers are primarily concerned with the cost of the website, often asking "How much?". However, we believe that the more relevant question is: "How much income will the website generate?". If you approach the creation of a website as an investment, for example, you fill the content of a website from web-shop yourself, you will have fewer low-cost pages which bring little to no profit. In the field of web design, we charge per hour - 50 USD / hour with the remark that what ordinary studies make up a week will take us one day. If you are serious about professional web design, please contact us. We will develop and create a professional website tailored to your needs and goals.

Start your advertising campaign with one of the marketing projects by FABER VISUM

Only Pricing for Hosting
84 USD
Professional ready-made CMS website.
100% source code validity HTML5.
Responsive web design.
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Adding a content with a SEO guarantee.
Expanding the website capabilities.
Vector graphics, CSS3 animations.
Social networks Integration.
Support service.
Implementation within 3 days.
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Creating a corporate style.
Analysis of competitive environment.
Audience targeting.
PR campaign.
Implementation within 15 days.
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6. Implementation on the web hosting.

The finished web design project, can now be implemented on our servers. While building the templates, a developer should respect the web standards defined by W3C and account for cross-platform variables. That means different operating systems, hardware, different browser behavior, technical limitations etc.For our web interface and implementation of our customers' web design solutions, we have placed our servers in the highest quality data center in the European Union - HETZNER ONLINE. Why in the field of web design the choice of hosting is an extremely important condition, please read in the article quality web hosting.

7. Website SEO optimization as needed.

After an implementation on the server, we need to fill the website with its content. Only top quality content is used, to ensure that your website meets the defined goal. High quality, thoroughly designed and implemented text and graphics will help you sell your product, establish your brand and increase the traffic to your website. So it seems the website is ready, but no one except you knows about it. This is the beginning of a process which will last as long as your portal exists. SEO optimization - is a prediction based on a properly conducted work on your website . For our potential customers, we offer the whole SEO package in project «GOOGLE-TOP».

8. Tip for professional web design.

Thus we showed that building a successful, professional website is a sequence of steps conducted by a team of professionals, each in their respective field. Summing it up, our advice to you is:
Before you choose a company or a designer for your projects, thoroughly evaluate their portfolio, check out their own website and those they worked on with the W3C validator and SEO scripts, and look at the vote graphics, video, technology and their own presentations.

Check the supplier's website and its references with a "hellish" web-tools:

FABER VISUM offers website development services, with a signature that states: "Done with care, intelligence and creativity". CONTACT US.

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