PR-studio - professional creation of a brand and corporate design.

European corporate design studio with branches in Canada, Israel, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Russia.

Professional branding.

PR and brand promotion in the FABER VISUM studio is a prestige and a guarantee of high quality visualization and promotion of your brand.
  • An international team of talented, educated perfectionists in the field of corporate design, visualization of ideas, creating a visual style.
  • Modern technologies of advertising promotion, advertising analytics, psychology of visual brand perception.
  • PR Studio Advertising Slogan - "Creating Illusions."

Corporate design and branding.

FABER VISUM - 10 years at the forefront of design and advertising solutions in 7 countries.

  • The avant-garde application of HTML 5 / RWD in practice in 2011.
  • Only professional web design - compliance with W3C standards.
  • Corporate advertising video, infographics, VFX effects.
  • 100% SEO optimized websites source code.
  • Professional brand development and promotion.
  • Creation and full support of advertising campaigns.
  • Effective Brand Promotion Abroad - affiliates in 7 countries.