seo promotion guarantee

Website with SEO promotion guarantee - GOOGLE TOP project.

The GOOGLE TOP project - proven SEO website optimization guarantee.

GOOGLE TOP project - content:

  • + Filling website content with SEO optimization guarantee.
  • + Expand web options or redesign as desired.
  • + Modern vector web graphics, css3 animation.
  • + Integration of social networks, structured data.
  • + Possibility to use the web leasing program.
  • + SEO score - min. 95 points of 100.
  • + Comprehensive customer support.
  • Informative price: from 500 USD to 1.500 USD.
  • Implementation term: from 72 h.

Includes The GROWING WEB Project - pre made website.

  • Domain registration according to your request.
  • Linking domain and web hosting.
  • Professional website as a gift for hosting.
  • Website implementation on server hosting.
  • Simple and clear web design, HTML5 programming.
  • Responsive Web Design for Mobile devices.
  • W3C validity - is an important parameter for SEO promotion.
  • Content management system - edit articles, news, and media yourself.
  • WYSWIG editor - interface similar to MS Word.

Examples of SEO promotion websites in the GOOGLE TOP project.

How to proceed with the GOOGLE-TOP project?

Choice of web design concept.

  • Choose a website design concept that will be close to your business in the category WEB-SHOP.
  • For the selected web design concept, pay an annual fee for web hosting - the website must have a placement.

What happens after paying for web hosting for a selected project?

  • Our web designer will contact you with a question about the content. Together we will develop the structure of the website, define the keywords and phrases according to which you want to get a position in search engines.
  • We will fill your website with a guarantee of the website's position on the first pages of search engines.
  • After the completion of the project, we share access to the web administration.


Examples of design concepts

To develop a comprehensive corporate identity for your company is possible in our next marketing project FABER WEB.

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