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Ready made professional websites - pay only for the hosting!

Professional websites have never been cheap. We at Faber Visum are here to change that. We offer complete, ready made professional websites, only for the price of the webhosting. A truly innovational web design solution.

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The best offer - complete websites.

  • Hetzner webhosting services have been confirmed as the most stable in Europe and it is your yearly payment for that service that allows us to offer professional ready made websites without additional costs.
  • Our website database contains dozens of thoroughly crafted copyrighted web pages.
  • From 2008 we've been creating and modifying our web pages and website templates, having made license agreements with the world's leading web design studios.
  • We offer a vast selection of multimedia related products – SEO, video clip production, graphic design and global internet marketing.
  • It is in our best interests that you start making revenue on the internet, and a professional, ready made website is the best tool you can have for that purpose.
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Web-shop - ready made websites.

We hope that with the FABER VISUM web-shop you will seize the opportunity to have your own professional ready made website. All you need to do is to choose a theme for your website, pay for the webhosting services, and fill your portal with the desired content using the user friendly CMS.

Video presentation of the finished website

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