High-quality, trouble-free web hosting with a ready-made website.

It's enough to say that your hosting neighbors will be "SONY", "Danone Waters", "Arena Nürnberger", "INTERSPORT", "DOSB" and other well-known brands. For ourselves and our dear customer, we have placed our servers in the highest quality data center in the European Union - HETZNER ONLINE. Germany's quality hosting services have been verified since 2011 - only one call for customer support. In addition to quality web hosting, you get a ready-made, professional website of the highest quality from FABER VISUM. Unique offer.

  • Guaranteed uptime higher than 99,9%.
  • The highest quality data center EU - HETZNER ONLINE.
  • Regular backups of files and databases. RAID 1.
  • Protection against spam, viruses, DDoS attacks.
  • SSL certificate to HTTPS free of charge.
  • Immediate response and unrivaled web hosting stability.

Quality web hosting - overview of services

server hardware
CPU: Intel® Xeon® E5-1650 v3 Hexa-Core
SSD space: 1024 Mb
Guaranteed bandwidth: 1 Gbit/s-Port
DDoS protection:
IDS/IPS protection:
Location: Germany hosting německo
Ping from Central Europe: Average = 12ms
Annual payment: 84 USD
software details
Operating system: Linux
Administration: konsoleH
HTTPS, SSL Manager:
Perl, Python:
PHP5.3 - 8.x (mod_rewrite):
Redundant network:
PostgreSQL, MySQL 4/5/5.x:
SSH access:
Webmail, Email AntiVir, AntiSpam:
Juniper Routing Technology:
basic functions
Domain aliases: 0
Dedicated IP:
Traffic: Unlimited
Network availability: 99,9 %
Support: Ticket, phone
Backups: Daily backup | 7 days
Spam, Virus filter Clam AV, Cron, Statistics:

Why is it important to place a website on quality web hosting?

It's simple - the hosting we offer is 100% uptime, which means that quality web hosting works 24 hours a day without downtime. Most cheap hosting providers have connection outages, even several times a day. In practice, this means that if a potential customer wants to search for your website and the hosting has a downtime, - he cannot get to your website and because of that, he usually leaves the competition. It is much more beneficial to invest in quality web hosting so that your website is online 24/7.

data center

Domain and quality web hosting - concept, selection, order.

  • Domains. You will usually come across a 2nd or 3rd order domain. The 2nd order domain is in the form namesdomains.com (.cz, .eu, .net, .org, etc.) A 3rd order domain, sometimes referred to as a subdomain (it's the same), has the form subdomain.jmenodomeny.com (.cz, .eu, .net, .org, etc.) If you have a registered 2nd order domain, you can create a subdomain (es) for it.
  • Web hosting is space for your website. It is tied to the domain, that is, the address of your site.
  • You can usually order a domain and web hosting in one place. Some services sometimes have interesting offers, where they give you a free domain if you also order web hosting. If you are serious about a web project, NEVER USE IT! Register only the domain. No hosting.
  • Set up quality web hosting separately, and you simply point the domain to a quality server.

Professional website for quality web hosting.

With the Ready-made website project there is no need to look for a web studio and pay for dubious, lengthy website development. All you have to do is choose the topic of the pages in the web-shop, pay for the item for quality web hosting, fill the web with content in the comfort of the administration interface. Website on the HTML5 and RWD interface | CSS3 | valid W3C source code, 100% technical SEO optimization guarantee - competition in your field will be under your website visually and in search engines.
professional web design
  • Source code validity - 100% W3C.
  • 100% technical SEO of a website.
  • Responsive web design.
  • The most modern HTML5 programming language, full php 7.x support.
  • Attractive website design - CSS3 | Canvas | SVG.
  • Implementation of GDPR component on websites.

How to direct the domain to web hosting?

  • Setting up DNS records at domain providers:
    Nameserver 1: ns1.your-server.de (IP:
    Nameserver 2: ns.second-ns.com (IP:
    Nameserver 3: ns3.second-ns.de (IP:
  • This setting is done through the registrar or administrator of your domain.

Where to order a ready-made website for hosting?

website for quality hosting

Quality web hosting with a ready-made website.

germany Above-standard quality of hosting services. Servers in the highest quality data center in the European Union.

quality web hosting

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